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All About Our Studio Company!

In case you missed the news last week.... we've officially announced our studio company, the Central New York Contemporary Ballet! This performance company is open to both CNYAOD students and dancers from other local studios ages 13 and up, and is designed to expose our students to new artistic styles of dance and ballet. Auditions will be held on Sunday, September 23rd at the Central New York Academy Of Dance with official times TBA.

Our company dancers will have the opportunity to work with local and guest choreographers to learn established local repertoire as well as exciting new works. As contemporary works have become an increasingly featured aspect of the professional dance world, we're thrilled to offer a company experience that allows dancers to gain exposure to this new artistic style of ballet. Dancers will earn a sense of the real world of professional ballet and the versatility of technique and artistry required to succeed. 

Company members will be offered special workshops and lectures, including mock auditions, choreography seminars and masterclasses. Our dancers will also receive early registration access to all CNYAOD workshops and classes, as well as 15% discounts on all one-hour private coaching sessions.

To get involved, dancers must drop-in to two CNYAOD technique classes per month, one of which must be our Saturday Contemporary Ballet class. A weekend workshop may substitute for the second class if one is being held at the studio that month. Rehearsals will be held on Saturdays and Sundays as needed throughout the course of the year, however we do understand dancers' prior commitments to other local studios may present conflicts. We will do our best to work with our company members' existing schedules to allow for the greatest level of participation and help our dancers get the most out of their company experience!

If you can't make it to our September audition there are still ways to get involved! Our staff will work with you to arrange attendance at one of our Contemporary Ballet classes as your audition for the company. Our current 2018-2019 dance year will include a spring company showcase along with other community performances throughout the year. 

We're so excited to provide this new and unique performance opportunity to local dancers! Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime for more information and to reserve your spot at our September company audition - we can't wait to dance with you!

Happy dancing loves:)

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