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Class levels by age, class schedule, and class descriptions

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*Our class levels are general guidance for class placement - depending on dancer experience, students may be placed outside their level.

Preschool Division

Parent & Me Creative Movement - ages 2 - 3

Preschool Pre-Ballet - ages 3 - 4 (turning 4 in 2024)

Preschool Dance Foundations - ages 4 - 5 (starting Kindergarten in 2024)


Kindergarten, ages 5-6

First Grade, ages 6-7

Level 1

Second and Third Grade, ages 7-9

Level 2

Fourth Grade, ages 8-9

Level 3

Fifth - Sixth Grade, ages 9-12

Level 4

Seventh Grade and Up, ages 13 and up


NEW 2024 Spring Class Schedule:


Class Descriptions:

Creative Movement

This class is offered to our littlest dancers, ages 2-3. In this weekly class children will explore a range of movements and musical elements in a fun class setting, instilling a love for movement, music and social interaction. Our creative movement curriculum follows storytelling techniques to teach movement in an expressive way that allows toddlers to engage in each class and enjoy every minute while developing essential motor and cognitive skills.

*Levels Offered: Preschool, ages 2-3 

Preschool Pre-Ballet
This preschool class is the perfect bridge between our Creative Movement program and our slightly longer/more advanced weekly Dance Foundations program. Designed for ages 3 - 4 years old (dancers turning 4 in 2023), this weekly class provides little ones with very basic ballet terminology and movement expression while still maintaining the fun, creative elements of a preschool-level class. Students will begin to learn about the world of ballet and all its magic!

Preschool, ages 3 - 4 (turning 4 in 2023)

Preschool Dance Foundations

In our dance foundations program students begin to learn basic dance terminology and movement skills, in a 45 minute class divided between ballet and tap technique. Class material is taught in a way that maintains the elements of fun and social interaction while also providing dancers with a strong foundation in the basic dance disciplines to build upon in later years of study. Little dancers will be introduced to the foundations of technique and coordination in an open-minded and expressive setting that bridges the gap between creative movement and the upcoming levels of dance technique ahead.

*Levels Offered: Preschool, ages 4 - 5 (starting Kindergarten in 2023)

Classical Ballet

Our ballet technique at CNYAOD is founded in American Ballet Theatre's National Training Curriculum with roots in both Vaganova and Cecchetti training methods. Ballet students will progress through various levels of study to achieve proper posture and alignment, maximum turnout, coordination, extension and artistic quality performed to classical music. Each class follows a traditional progression of movement from warm up to barre to center work. Dancers will learn ballet theory alongside traditional technique classes and receive artistic and performance coaching throughout their ballet training.

*Levels Offered: Primary - Level 4


Jazz is an upbeat yet technically-demanding style danced to popular music that allows for an energetic, musically driven movement quality. At CNYAOD this class consists of a warm up, center exercises and full combinations ranging from classical to theatre to lyrical jazz techniques.

*Levels Offered: Primary - Level 4


Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music. This high-energy class includes fun, upbeat music that is age-appropriate for each respective level.

*Levels Offered: Level 1 - Level 4


The modern style evolved from balletic movement to distort certain lines and aesthetics of motion in a more grounded and free-moving technique, including the use of parallel alongside typical ballet turnout. This class explores the various techniques within modern dance, from Horton to Graham and more, in which students strive to achieve the proper alignment and form while being introduced to improvisation and freedom of motion.

*Levels Offered: Level 3 & 4



Tap dance is unique in its rhythmic focus and quality, and is introduced to our students at a young age to begin instilling musical coordination and timing. This style follows musical tempos and beats performed with specialized shoes with steel or aluminum taps attached to both the toes and heels.

*Levels Offered: Preschool - Level 4



Pointework is part of the natural progression of ballet technique, introduced to our students at ages 11-13 depending on ankle range of motion and technical readiness. Students perform classical and contemporary ballet technique on pointe at both the barre and in center work, maintaining balletic form and line. Pointe students will also be introduced to classical ballet repertoire and solo variations.

*Levels Offered: Level 3 - 4


Our pre-pointe class is a 30 minute class offered to Level 1 and first year Level 2 students that prepares a dancer's body for the challenges of pointe work. Students work on stretching and strengthening exercises for the feet, ankles and leg muscles that ensure proper joint flexibility and alignment. Our pre-pointe dancers are also introduced to the mechanics of pointe work and pointe shoes and begin their exposure to classical ballet repertoire and theory.

*Levels Offered: Level 2 & 3


Lyrical dance is a style that shares characteristics of ballet, jazz and modern dance typically performed to pieces of music including vocal elements, i.e. "lyrics". This dance style is strongly associated with clearly displayed emotions included in the dance movement with an emphasis on the feelings and meanings evoked by the music itself. 

*Levels Offered: Level 1 - Level 4

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre as a dance style has its roots in classical Broadway productions, pulling from the major techniques of ballet, jazz, and tap and is performed to music from such productions. This style often combines acting and drama alongside dance choreography, and usually serves to tell a story along with the music.

*Levels Offered: Primary - Level 4

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